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Liquid Ceramic Insulation Coating

Our Story

     Capstone Manufacturing LLC, founded in 1996, manufactures a liquid ceramic insulation called TC Industrial Ceramic. Originally formulated to improve the life of a roof, our original formula was not much more than paint with some ceramic solids mixed in. This type of product still exists today in the marketplace. It can be easily identified as it weighs approximately 10 pounds per gallon. The next step in the process was to improve the binders using a quality resin system and using ceramic beads, rather than solids. This process was designed to take the place of the tiles that were used on the space shuttle. Unfortunately, it could not withstand the 4000F/2200C temperatures necessary for the space shuttle. The improved formula was however, a considerable improvement over the original paint as it was able to provide some insulation properties that the original formula lacked. The only problem with this formula was that it began to fail at 250F/120C and it did fail at 350F/180C. Most industrial uses run at 300F/149C to 400F/205C range, which limited the use of this formula. The current TC Industrial Ceramic formula (formerly known as Thermal Coat) was developed several years ago after extensive research, and can now withstand temperatures up to 500F/260C. This makes TC Industrial Ceramic the most advanced product of its type.


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