TC Ceramic

Liquid Ceramic Insulation Coating

     Depending on the type of job, TC Ceramic has a product that can fit the bill.  From reflective roof coatings  to industrial insulation, we can offer a variety of products to solve your insulation problems


TC Ceramic High Build White

     TC Ceramic High Build is our improved formula. Our TC Ceramic High Build White product will now hang much better, going go on at 30 to 40 mil per coat, depending upon application temperature, ambient temperature and humidity at the time of application.  Industrial applications needing more than one coat, such as steam pipe, will use high build. 

     Used in an array of applications, TC HB White is the product most used for insulation, personnel protection and corrosion control.  Also a highly reflective coating, TC HB White is used as a roof coating, reflecting and rejecting 99% of the suns heat, virtually eliminating any heat from touching your roof.

TC Ceramic High Build Black

     Same as High Build White, but in Black.  Again, TC HB Black is used in exterior industrial applications, used for heat assistance.  TC HB Black will absorb solar heat, keeping products warm in cooler ambient regions.  TC Ceramic Black is used to minimize and even in some cases, eliminate condensation issues. 

At Capstone Mfg., LLC we can manufacture TC Ceramic in any color you wish for an additional fee.  You can also tint the product  yourself using a dry powder tint.  Please call us for more information, or see our frequently asked questions.

Spray Guns

Contact us for the best gun to use for your application.  There is a large variety of spray equipment that can be used with TC Ceramic, and we have the experience to guide you to the proper tools.  From high pressure airless systems, to smaller units for the smaller jobs we can find the right equipment for your job.