TC Ceramic

Liquid Ceramic Insulation Coating

Roof Applications

To really consider solving heat roof  expansion problems,  you should consider the latest in space age technology for heat reduction/insulation which, in turn, cuts down on the roof expansion and contraction. TC Ceramic - a liquid ceramic insulation coating, has microscopic ceramic beads in a white latex binder which will accomplish the following: 

1)  Cut the heat through the roof by as much as 20 to 50 degrees, depending upon multiple variables.                                  

2)  By cutting the heat that penetrates the roof, the contraction and expansion of the roof caused by the heat will be reduced, thus reduImg14.pngcing roof leakage and the costs of roof maintenance and damage to the roof.

3)  By cutting the heat that penetrates the roof, the costs for air conditioning, refregeration or other environmental costs could be reduced, thus providing a more comfortable place for your employees and lower energy costs.

4)  TC Ceramic will add very little weight to the roof.

5)  TC Ceramic has been utilized by a number of other building owners to reduce the heat and other roof problems, mainly expansion and contraction caused by solar heat.