TC Ceramic

Liquid Ceramic Insulation Coating

Bus Conversions

TC Ceramic - a liquid ceramic insulation coating product can be utilized throughout your coach/bus in several areas.  Areas in which TC Ceramic can be of use are as follows:

  1. Exterior roof - TC  Ceramic cuts the solar heat (radiant heat) from entering the coach by as much as 20°F to 50°F. (Solar rejection99%) This cuts down on wear, tear and costs of running of the A/C systems and reduces expansion and contraction of the roof which helps to keep the roof seams from leaking. (Recommend 15/1000 inch thickness.)
  2. Interior shell - (Coating interior walls, floor and ceiling) TC Ceramic would give added insulation, provide acoustical benefits and cut down on corrosion issues. TC Ceramic adheres directly to the skin or other metal surfaces of the coach, thus cutting down on condensation, not allowing the moisture to get to the skin. TC Ceramic also helps to seal the seams of the coach. (Recommend 30/1000 of an inch thickness.)
  3. Exterior under floor - TC Ceramic can assist in blocking the road heat that transmits through the floor of the coach by coating the under carriage of the coach. (Recommend 30/1000 of an inch thickness.)
  4. Engine compartments - TC Ceramic can assist in stopping the heat from entering the coach through fire walls or heat shields for both front or rear engine compartments and exhaust systems. TC Ceramic can be effective in hot environments/applications up to 500°F. (Recommend 60/1000 of an inch thickness.) Apply TC Ceramic in the engine compartment or on the floor inside the coach under the flooring. TC Ceramic can also be applied directly above any exhaust system to block the exhaust heat from entering the coach. (Recommend 60/1000 of an inch thickness.)
  5. Acoustical Benefits - TC Ceramic, when sprayed directly onto the interior skin of the bus (30 mil), provides a reduction in the decibels penetrating the passengers' compartment. (Depending upon ranges and frequency.) TC Ceramic is not affected by moisture or compression as to its insulation or acoustical benefits. (Most insulation is affected by moisture and compression. TC Ceramic is also anti-corrosive as it adheres directly to the metal surface thus eliminating the possibility of oxidation of the metal.)