TC Ceramic

Liquid Ceramic Insulation Coating


To maintain a more constant temperature in your delivery vans or trailers, and to cut costs, you should consider the latest in technology for heat reduction/insulation and cold insulation.   TC Ceramic - a Liquid Ceramic Insulation Coating, can help you reduce costs in the following ways:

**TC Ceramic cuts the heat through the roofs of your equipment by as much as 20 to 50 degrees, depending upon multiple variables, which can assist in maintaining a more constant temperature for your beverage products.

**In air conditioned/refrigeration/freezer trailers, the reduction of the heatImg15.png through the roof will reduce the energy/fuel requirements, thus lowering operating costs and lowering refrigeration/freezer unit maintenance costs. (Tests show a 10% to 25% reduction in reefer fuel consumption and reefer run times.)

**By cutting the heat that penetrates the roof, the contraction and expansion of the roof will be reduced, thus reducing roof leakage and the costs of roof maintenance and damage to goods.

By cutting the heat that penetrates the roof, damage or spoilage to heat sensitive products or equipment carried by you or your customers, will be reduced.

**Assists in sealing roofs, reducing roof leakage, costs of roof maintenance and water damage to goods.

**Insulate the interiors of existing or new trailers with 40 mil of TC Ceramic on the ceiling and walls or doors to protect temperature sensitive products (hot or cold - in summer or winter) without losing any interior space, but where refrigeration is not justified, but constant temperature is desired. TC Ceramic adheres directly to the skin of the trailer, thus will not fall off.

**Insulate the underside of the trailers from excessive road heat with 40 mil of TC Industrial Ceramic, thus cutting down on road heat damage to goods and helping to maintain a constant temperature inside the trailer.

**Insulate kegs which will assist in maintaining temperatures for improved product quality . Note: Utility Trailer now offers coating of trailer roofs with TC Industrial Ceramic through their dealers. NEP, TNN, CBS, NBC, ABC, Sony, Shook Electronic, Boulevard Body, National Mobile and Mobile Systems all coat their TV transmission trailer roofs with TC Industrial Ceramic.