Corrosion Resistant

TC Ceramic, by its nature, is anti‐corrosive, because it adheres directly to the surface material and no longer allows moisture to reach the surface. Because of the adhesion method, the environment for corrosion is all but eliminated.

(TC Ceramic is not sold as an anti‐corrosive material, but the anti‐corrosive benefits are a remarkable by product.)

Color Options

We offer TC Ceramic in white and black. White is used to reflect solar energy to keep products cool and black is used to absorb solar energy to insulate warm products from cold temperatures.

The different colours combined with the high-end insulation properties make this a very versatile product.

Concrete Structures

TC Ceramic can be applied directly on a concrete surface to provide thermal insulation for the concrete without having to build internal or external wall space for insulation. (Recommended 40 mils –or 1 mm)

TC Ceramic can be protected from damage or abuse by floor covering when applied to a concrete floor, or, by a urethane when on a floor, wall or ceiling where damage may be a concern.