Coating of industrial dust collection systems in manufacturing plants. These systems, are difficult to insulate with conventional insulation and difficult to have the conventional insulation to cover the large bag house and all of the ducting leading to the bag house. The conventional insulation does not cover everything, leaving cold or hot spots, and typically gets wet, thus ceasing to insulate properly allowing condensation inside the system which then causes the forming of material sticking to the sides of the system which now reduces the efficiency of the system and corrosive on the substrate.

(Corrosion under Insulation, CUI) The accumulation of moisture and material on the inside then requires the system to be shut down and cleaned. This is very expensive, time consuming and in some case, stops or slows down production of the plant. Failure to keep the inside of the system clean from buildup, causes increased energy costs as the fan becomes more inefficient, the fire risk goes up and slowing of production can take place.

Coating the dust collection system with 60 mils/1.2mm of TC Ceramic, insulates everything, is impervious to moisture, does not allow corrosion to form, no CUI and minimizes material buildup inside the system. This reduces the requirement to clean out the interior of the system and is about 40% cheaper in the original costs vs the cost of conventional insulation. The dust collection system pictures above and the next two pages, are systems in Oregon, USA, that have never been necessary to clean the inside from day one of their operating in 10 years of operating.

Return on TC Ceramic costs are generally recovered in the first year of operating. The savings of not having to clean the dust collection system ever or even occasionally are significant in labor costs, but even more in increased production.