Project Description

48 foot refrigerated trailer roof

Picture coating the roof of 48 foot refrigerated trailers. Coating the roof with 15 mils/0.375mm of TC Ceramic White. Testing showed the reduction of fuel consumption between 10% and 26%. 10% fuel savings was older trailers (4 to 8 years old).

The under roof and side wall insulation had been greatly reduced. The 26% fuel savings was in newer trailers (new to 3 years old) where the roof and side wall insulation was still intact. The recovery of the costs range between 6 to 12 months depending upon the age of the trailer, how the trailer was used and the price of diesel fuel.

These results were only for local delivery trailers. Testing on long haul trailers showed a 1% to 2% reduction in fuel use. The difference was because the long haul trailers have wind flow across the top of the trailer. The wind flow has a significant cooling effect, keeping roof of the trailer cooler. Not subject to high solar heat of local delivery trailers.