Project Description

Budweiser cold storage building in Hawaii

Budweiser cold storage facility in Kauai, Hawaii. They coated only the cold storage sections of the building. Sections coated were the south wall, west wall and the roof. After one year, they reported an energy saving of 20% to 25%. (Note: Estimates based upon comparing prior years energy bills with after coating energy bills.)

The return on capital, or cost of the coating, was approximately 18 months. Additional note: It was also determined about two years later, the severe condensation problem inside their walls, with water condensing on inside of the sheet rock interior wall because of the coldness of the wall (50F) and air flow convention on the inside of the wall, had been eliminated. Because the space between the outside metal wall and inside sheet rock wall could not be sealed, there was constant moist air convection going up inside the wall which condensed on the inside of the sheet rock which was the cold storage wall at 50F.

The water would then run down the inside of the wall on to the floor of the cold storage warehouse making the warehouse floor slippery and dangerous. The coating of the outside metal wall with TC Ceramic all but stopped the between wall convection by stabilizing the temperate inside the wall. The outside wall no longer heated up, which had caused increased heat between the walls and the increasing rising of the moist hot air. A second Budweiser cold storage warehouse was also coated on the Island of Hawai in Hilo with the same results.