Project Description

Building before and after shots

Before – Coating glass exterior walls with TC Ceramic Travatan color.

These are pictures of a glass walled building in Las Vegas, before coating and after coating. This building was built in the late 1970’s and it had never been able to stay cool from about June 1 through October 1, every year.

The air conditioning system would turn on about 0500 hours each morning and would run, non stop, up to about midnight. By 1500 hours each day, the building would be above 80F and climbing. The air conditioning system would not cycle during this period as it would run 100% and not be able to keep up with the demand load.

After coating the outside surface (approximately 60,000 sq. ft.) of the black wall glass and the concrete superstructure, with 40 mils/1.0mm of TC Ceramic, in the Travatan color (desert sand color), the AC system cycles throughout the day and the building is consistently comfortable. The estimated reduction in energy use was 50%. Cost recovery estimate was 12 to 18 months. (Estimates by the Command Engineer.)

After – Coating glass exterior walls with TC Ceramic Travatan color.

50% reduction air conditioning costs during the summer.

Additional reduction in HVAC costs during the rest of the year.

Significant improvement in the look of the building.

Ceramic coated building
Ceramic coated building
Ceramic Coated Building
Ceramic Coated Building