Project Description

Las Vegas building design

Architect’s drawing of a commercial building, to be built, in Las Vegas, NV.

This was to be one of 6 identical or very similar buildings. The roofs were all to be coated with 20 mils of TC Ceramic white to block the solar gain on the surface of each roof and to reduce the ambient heat impact. (Roof solar heat could be as high as 180F. Summer ambient temperature could be as high as 115F) Reduction of solar gain on the roof would be about 99%. The exterior walls were to be coated with 40 mils/1.0mm of TC Ceramic, in the design colors.

This would have reduced the solar heat through the walls by about 90% and ambient heat by about 25%. Between the coating of all of the building with TC Ceramic and an innovative new 100% outside air HVAC system, it was determined there was not going to be any need for an air conditioning compressor to drive the cold air for the air conditioning, as the buildings would be a relatively stable interior temperature and the HVAC system was extremely efficient in the Las Vegas desert.