Project Description

Metal Quonset hut

Two pictures of metal quonset hut construction, which is almost impossible to insulate with conventional insulation. This picture is before coating. The next page is after coating.

The interior metal from the floor on one side to the floor on the other side, was coated with 40 mils/1.0mm of TC Ceramic white, primarily because of the constant problem of condensation on the interior cool or cold metal roof section.

The condensation would form and then drip onto the area below or would run down the inside of the metal forming puddles of water around the inside edges of the building. This also cause corrosion on the metal interior. After coating the inside with TC Ceramic, the condensation problem stopped 100%.

After coating, the condensation problems stopped and the inside of the building was much brighter, thus lowering the heavy
lighting requirements. See next picture showing a much brighter facility and a reduction in energy costs by 45%.