Project Description

RV roofs and interiors

Coating the roofs of RV’s is very effective for reducing solar heat through the roof. Reduction in use of
air conditioning units has run from 50% to 75% for RV’s of 35 to 40 feet long.

Coating the inside of RV’s, when being renovated, is a good way to insulate the inside of the RV, including insulate the ribs of the shell. Typically, the ribs are not insulated, thus there is about a 25% energy loss through the uninsulated ribs.

With the ribs coated with 30 mils/0.75mm to 40 mils/1.0mm of TC Ceramic, the energy loss or gain through the ribs is almost all eliminated. Recovery of the cost, not counting the improvement in comfort and living space, is about 18 months. Coating the roof with 15 mils/0.375mm is also recommended to block the solar heat from heating the outside of the coach.

With the roof and the inside coated with TC Ceramic, there is about an 80% reduction in energy consumption inside the coach.