This picture and the next picture are a 350F steam pipe T section, which is difficult to insulated, very expensive to insulate and historically, have severe corrosion under insulation (CUI) problems. Also, many of these sections are in manholes which might flood. When a manhole floods, all of the conventional insulation on the steam pipe or fittings, is ruined, water saturated and has to be replaced.

(Note: generally, none of the flood damaged conventional insulation is ever replaced.) Very expensive to replace.

With coating the steam pipe fitting with approximately 100 to 120 mils of TC Ceramic, the steam pipe is insulated, is impervious to water and requires no replacement due to flooding. Also, upon flooding, in a conventional insulated manhole, the water can be 180F to 200F. The water in a TC coated insulated manhole is about 100F and the TC insulation has no need to be replaced because of the flooding.

Additional benefits are the increase in personnel protection for employees working in the manholes, reduction in damage to pumps used in pumping the water out of the flooded manhole. You will notice the bare hand touching the surface with just 100 to 120 mils thickness of insulation.