Coating the inside or outside of concrete basements with TC Ceramic is excellent, however, several problems to keep in mind.
If the basement on the outside is underground then you have to coat the inside. If the inside already has water leaking through the concrete, then TC might not work. The leaking through the wall can be one of two things.

a: Water pressure on the outside of the wall. Solution – you must dig down and put in gravel with a french drain to drain the water away from the basement wall. If you do not eliminate the water pressure on the outside of the wall, even TC will not help. Outside water pressure will push the TC off of the wall or push water through the TC. Once the water is moved away from the outside of the wall, then the outside wall can be coated with TC or the inside wall can be coated. (1mm thickness)

b: Water through the wall may be caused by moisture in the soil (not water pressure) on the outside of the wall that is being drawn through the wall because you have a cold side (outside) and a warm side (inside). The warm inside actually is pulling the moisture from the outside through the wall. This can also happen on above ground walls of concrete, concrete block and brick. The warm side causes the moisture molecules to expand and evaporate inside the building which causes a very slow suction on the outside moisture which then travels through the wall. In this case, TC could (no guarantee) stop the moisture by coating the inside of the wall with TC. The TC on the inside of the wall causes the wall to remain cold (outside temperature) thus not causing the moisture to be pulled through the wall by the warming moisture. (1mm thickness.) The basement room will also be considerably warmer in the winter, when the heat is turned on in the basement because with the TC coated wall you no longer have cold passing through the wall to the inside. The concrete is no longer a cold radiator. It will also be much quieter in the basement.