TC Ceramic high build (“HB”) formula and standard TC Ceramic formula have the same excellent insulating qualities. “HB” is thicker which allows for each coating to be applied thicker. Instead of just 15 mils (.4mm) per coat (standard), “HB” formula allows the thickness of each coat to be between 30 mils (.8mm) to 60 mils (1.6mm) thick on a vertical surface. It is not recommended to apply more than 40 mils per coat due to curing. At 40 mils curing time should be no less than 36 to 48 hours between coats at 72°f/20°c or warmer. The thickness for each coat is dependent on ambient air temperature and humidity. Lower temperature or higher humidity, less can be applied before sagging will occur. Higher temperature or lower humidity, more can be applied before sagging will occur. The ideal application would be a warm ambient temperature and low humidity.
The highest use for “HB” is industrial applications where multiple coats is necessary. By using “HB”, labor costs for each job will be reduced by half or more compared to using the standard formula. in industrial applications, the “HB” is recommended over the standard formula.
curing time for each “HB” coat is critical. because of added thickness, it is required to allow at least 24 to 48 hours between coats. as much heat and airflow as possible should be used to assist curing. if ambient air temperatures are below 72f or 20c, additional time is necessary.
the same spraying equipment can be used when applying the standard formula or the “HB” formula.